Website FAQ's

What does it cost for a website?

It depends on the amount of pages / content / complexity of the website.

Websites pricing can be divided in to 3 main categories:

1. Website design & Layout fee (Once off)

2. Domain registration and administration fee (Yearly)

3. Hosting fee (Monthly)


How long does it take to have a website up and running?

Information based websites can take anywhere from 5 to 10 working days depending on our workload. E-commerce sites can take 3 to 6 weeks, however we can work to shorter deadlines so do not hesitate to contact Greenbee.

(Please note that domain transfers can take several days, please ask our consultants to explain the process to you)


Do you write my websites content for me?

No, we do not know your product, business & client the way you do so you’ll have to supply us with the content/body of your website. Greenbee will be able to give you advice and guidelines on how to write your content search engine friendly.


In what format should I supply content (text), images & downloadable documents for my website?

Text preferably in electronic format eg: MS Word


Downloadable documents: PDF & JPEG


Do you update my website?

On arrangement our team can update your website on a weekly / monthly basis at an extra monthly rate. Please ask our consultants about website maintenance.

Also when you have purchased a golden website package at Greenbee you will be supplied with an username and password so that you can access the back end to update your own website where ever whenever you like.


Is a meeting necessary in connection with the website design?

In some cases a meeting is not necessary, we load the website onto a demo server of which you’ll be supplied with a link. Following the link you’ll be able to view the content and see exactly what your website looks like before it goes live.


Once the website is designed and completed, am I the owner and how does it work?

Yes the website belongs to you. We will be happy to supply you with a copy of the website files should you require it.


Will my website always be available?

No hosting company can guarantee a 100% up time but we can say that our servers have had a 100% up time for years.

We also have the necessary backups to deal with such a issue speedily.

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