Greenbee Terms and Conditions

Goods remain in the property of Greenbee until paid in full

Production will not commence until proof are signed

Quotations is valid for 30 days

Terms are strictly COD (Balance/Full payment required before Delivery/Installation/Collection)

70% Deposit required on acceptance of order (if order is less than R1300, full payment is required)

Please note: We ONLY accept payment via EFT or cash

We will not accept any responsibility for design, spelling or number errors once proof has been signed

Person signing quotation accepts full personal liability & responsibility of all money’s due, in terms of this quotation, to Greenbee by affixing their signature to this quotation or via email approval


Invoice will only be made out after 70% deposit have been paid

After deposit has been paid & artwork has been approved order will take 3-10 WORKING DAYS

If artwork is not supplied a design fee of R350 per hour will be charged

Design fee of R350 per hour will be charged if artwork is not provided in a printable format

Should Website Design Revision rounds be exceeded a hourly rate of R350 per hour will be charged for any changes made there after.

Website Content and text must be supplied by customer.

Time required to make substantive changes to the client submitted text after the Web pages have been constructed will be additionally billed at the hourly rate of R350p/h.

Greenbee and the client must work together to complete the Website in a timely manner. We agree to work expeditiously to complete the Website no later than 4 weeks after contract acceptance.

To avoid additional fees the client must supply Greenbee with the complete text and graphics content for the Website within 7 days.

If the client or an agent other than Greenbee attempts updating the client's pages, time to repair Web pages will be assessed at the hourly rate of R350, and is not included as part of the updating time.

Changes requested by the client for services such as marketing consulting, Web page design, editing, modifying, Flash animation, photo, and graphics services will be billed at the hourly rate of R350p/h.

Time spent on our Website Packages

Bronze Website Design Package

The Bronze website Package is a Basic Website with 4 pages and might include a Contact Form when requested by the Client. There will only be 1 Layout to choose from but Layout changes may be requested. Our Bronze Package is not a content management system.

Time frame for our Bronze Websites:

  • Research - Gather Info & Ideas 2-3 hours
  • Layout Design 4-7 hours
  • Website Setup & Development 8-12 hours
  • Client Approval
  • Revision rounds x2 (2 hours to be spent on changes)

Silver Website Design Package

Our Silver Website Package is a upgrade on our Bronze Package which will include up to 10 Website Pages. With the Silver Website Package you'll have the option to add a Contact form, Interactive Map to Premises and Gallery to the website. You'll have the Option to choose from 2 Website Layouts where you'll also be able to request minor changes to the Layouts. Please Note that our Silver Package does not include backed access and is not a content management system.

Time frame for our Silver Website:

  • Research - Gather Info & Ideas 3-5 hours
  • Layout Design 7-10 hours
  • Website Setup & Development 12-15 hours
  • Client Approval
  • Revision rounds x3 (2 hours to be spent on changes)

Golden Website Design Package

Our Golden Package include up to 20 Website Pages. You'll have the Option to Choose from 3 Different Website Layouts. Included in the Golden Package an Awesome Home page Slideshow, Custom Contact Forms, Editable Photo Galleries, News feed Article, Interactive Map to Premises and best of it all You'll have Backend Access to manage and maintaine your website. The Golden Website Package is an Content Management system so you'll have the freedom to update your website wherever when ever!

Time frame for our Golden Website:

  • Research - Gather Info & Ideas 5-7 hours
  • Client will have 3 x Layout Design to choose from 10-14 hours
  • Website Setup & Development 15-20 hours
  • Client Approval
  • Revision rounds x5 (2 hours to be spent on changes)

PLEASE NOTE: Although every effort is made to meet the clients needs and the timescales set out above are more than enough to get the Website from Start to Finish. Our Pricing on our Websites are very Reasonable, Greenbee can only offer these Website Prices to our Clients when Strictly following these time frames as set out above. Should Changes/Revision rounds exceed these timescales Greenbee reserve the right to charge a hourly rate of R350 per hour for every hour exceeding these time frames.

Travel Time and Travel Expenses

Travelling time to and from customer premises is not generally included in our estimate. Greenbee reserves the right to make a charge for travelling time at our current hourly rate. Likewise Greenbee reserves the right to charge for travelling expenses based on R4.00 per per kilometer. (NOTE: There will be no charges for travelling time or expenses incurred during the quotation process, i.e. before you give your approval for work to commence.)

Having your Website designed & developed by Greenbee and not making use of our Hosting services.

Greenbee offers our clients excellent hosting services with a 99% up time.

Should you not make use of our hosting services an extra R500,00 will be added to final Invoice for uploading your website onto an external hosting provider's server.
Relevant FTP & MySQL Database details MUST be supplied by client.

When choosing to host with an external host please DO NOT Supply us with a username and password to log onto their server. Greenbee will NOT create FTP details or MySQL Databases on an external host’s server. If you as the client choose to make use of an external host’s services they should supply FTP & MySQL Database details.

Should there be a problem with the domain, FTP details, MySQL Databases or DNS settings and we Greenbee must get in contact with your external host, Greenbee will charge R450 per hour for every hour spent resolving the problem.

By making use of an external Hosting Provider Greenbee will not be held responsible of any data/content/images getting lost or removed by server updates. Your website will be uploaded in working order, should anything go wrong after hand over your hosting provider will be held responsible NOT Greenbee. Should you require assistance with the recovery of your website a hourly rate of R450 will be charged.

Hosting accounts being in arrears

ALL unpaid accounts will be suspended and a reconnection fee of R50 applies.

When signing off printing proofs:

Although every effort is made to insure the accuracy of final proof, it is essential that it is checked thoroughly by you(the client). Please note that final proofs that are sent to client is 100% content correct but not colour correct as colours display differently on different monitors.

Greenbee shall not be held responsible for any error which was not identified by the client at the final proof stage which was apparent at the time.

By signing the proof you indicate your complete approval of all the parts of this proof, for printing. You also indicate that you have the authority to sign it off on behalf of yourself, or your company.

General Hosting Payment Terms

Kindly note that we have implemented a new system that links our payment system with our Domain / Website Hosting server.

All Hosting Invoices will go out on the 27th of each month. The Client will have up until the 5th of the following month to settle the balance that is due, this will include all accounts that has been in arrears.

Payments received will automatically be logged to your account. If we haven’t received a payment by the 5th for your Domain / Website Hosting, automatically ALL unpaid accounts will be suspended and a reconnection fee of R50.00 will apply.

Kindly not that all Domain / Website / Email Hosting are strictly payable in advance.

Example, when you receive your Hosting Invoice on the 27th of September 2016 that Invoice is payable by the 5th of October 2016 to have your Website / Email up and running for the month of October 2016.

Please remember to use your  Invoice Number, Full name or Company Name as reference.

Our bank account is at Standard Bank, Please note that we will not be held responsible for a delayed bank transfer from other back accounts.


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